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"Throw Anything" PlayStation VR !

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Finally, The PS VR Version of "Throw Anthing" has been released.
We are happy to report that the PSVR version is available – and it’s a massive
improvement over the initial release on PC.
-Updated Lobby:
Take a break by throwing darts, shooting some hoops, reading
comic books, eating a snack or enjoying some target practice.
Open the comic book in the lobby, there's a funny cartoon like a hidden treasure.
-Special Assignment:
Complete a special mission by order of the Secret Delivery Agency and
collect all cube relics and chunks.

And here are some brand-new content and feature updates to celebrate the launch
of the PSVR port:
- Item Shop:
Buy and receive items as if you ordered them from the Internet! All
purchases are delivered by courier at game start by the SDA.
- Art & Audio Upgrades:
Immerse yourself in enhanced graphics and sound effects.
Thank you for loving "Throw Anthing"!

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